This is about cooking with an open mind and all our senses.  Formerly Flourishen Test Kitchenstarted in 2014 from the New York metro area, I live to explore foodways, the diversity of food and cooking techniques from around the world:

• Whatever kind of food that’s flavorful and nourishing — flavor is paramount, but nutritious food is vital; starting with
Wholesome ingredients, the best we can find, and DIY pantry essentials;
• Wherever we are and whenever the season, we source locally and seasonally; perfecting
• Classic, yet modern, techniques as well as foolproof methods that ensure best results in a home kitchen.

There is a lot of ground to cover. There are very few places I won’t go. EverOpenSauce embraces the notion that there are not too many new inventions in cooking techniques and recipes. Just variations and adaptations, of sorts. I don’t need to constantly reinvent the wheel. As a home cook, I like to shadow the real professionals in the field. Learn from them and improve upon their recipes to satisfy my penchant for a healthful style. I’ve been cooking and baking with a long list of chefs and cookbook authors over the years. The journey of exploration and discovery has been exciting and remains ever wide open!

“So much of cooking is a diligent approximation. A kind of translation. A fluent and intelligent improvisation.”  ~ Gabrielle Hamilton

Healthy eating starts with a wholesome pantry essentials (hummus, jam, vegan whip cream, pesto, salad dressing) freshly made at home. No preservatives, no artificial or chemical contents I can’t pronounce. I prefer to cook from scratch and stay away from the industrial processed produce. I have to admit I do keep frozen peas, European butter, ketchup and a few other store-bought items in my fridge.

My favorite cooking utensils are the old-fashion cast iron pans and Dutch ovens. I use a Vita-Mix machine to mill whole-grain berries into flours and to blitz herbs and nuts into pestos and sauces. I rely heavily on a digital scale, an instant thermometer and a convection steam oven in order to gain some measure of control over the cooking process and to stay true to some classic methodology. For the rest, I’ll just let it flow naturally and organically. Let the senses and intuition be the guide in the kitchen.

Feel free to put your own spins on the simple (vegetable or salad) or complex (artisan bread) recipes you see on this site. Try the green beans slathered with an outrageous garlicky butter sauce or the over-the-top bacon sourdough bread. Please share your successes (or failures) with us so, collectively, we can really make these recipes foolproof and fun to do. Recipes labeled as “my favorite” are those I keep making over and over, without fail. And, of course, those are what I love to eat and serve my friends and family.

Most of the EverOpenSauce recipes are edited in Excel (and displayed as jpeg mages), so that the serving size can be easily scaled. I’ve been honoring requests for Excel files from fellow bloggers. Email me if you’re interested.

I like hearing and learning from the community of bloggers, food lovers and wellness enthusiasts. Send me your comments, questions and suggestions to: Everopensauce(at)gmail(dot)com.

Think cooking from scratch. Happy and healthy eating! ~ Shirley



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