Classic Apple Pie – King Arthur Flour #Bakealong

Baking anything classic can be challenging given all the longstanding expectations of what it should taste like and look like. I’m jumping in with both feet. It’s Thanksgiving and there is no better time to serve up an apple pie. There are amazing varieties of apple to choose from. King Arthur Flour (KAF) site offers all the helpful recipes and tips to get me over the hump. I went to work after reading every line of the bakealong step-by-step walkthrough and followed the recipe faithfully.


Honey crisp is our top choice for its sweet taste and crunchy bites

This is my first attempt at a lattice crust. I used honey crisp apples because they are my family’s favorite. I used the boiling cider which I purchased at the KAF store some time ago when I took a bread baking class there.

The aroma wafting through the kitchen as the pie was being baked was amazing and very apple forward. The pie crust was sturdy and much easier to work with than I’ve anticipated. I did not get frustrated or impatient, as I often do, when the dough refuses to cooperate. A good thing.

As it turned out, the pie was good, but by no mean perfect. The pie filling was on the side of runny, not bubbly. Instant clearjel may have worked better than corn starch, in my opinion, since it has worked for me every time. Please see the changes I’ve made to the recipe, highlighted in red, in the cheat sheet below. Nonetheless it was a solid place to start making apple pies. I’m glad I did it. True to KAF’s promise: the pie delivers the vibrant flavor and a flaky crust. Thank you for the recipe and I appreciate PJ Hamel’s wonderful tutorial on the website, neat tricks, and encouraging words guiding us through the process.



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