Savory Gougères



The chocolate pistachio pâte à choux I wrote about in the previous post piqued my interest in a savory version, hence the gougères. They are made combining dark rye flour with unsweetened cocoa powder and loaded with cheese. Dark chocolate brown in color, with melted cheese on top, these gougères may just be the perfect treats for the holiday seasons. Marvelous for the eyes and the palate. I found this recipe in Tartine Book #3, no surprise there! This book has been the primary source of my baking adventure of late.

With and without additional cheese toppings


The Cheat Sheet


  • Suitable to use 100% whole-grain spelt or kamut flour for the dough.
  • Use a mixer to add eggs into the dough for a better rise.
  • Sprinkle cheese evenly and lightly atop each mound.
  • Don’t open the oven door while baking or the puffs will deflate.
  • The puffs stay crispy for a few hours. The pâte à choux paste can be made ahead.
  • Freeze the shells and bake them fresh for a delicate exterior.

Taste test

The light and crispy crust is the best part of the gougères. They are small bites with a tinge of cocoa and cheese. Best served when they are fresh as a side.

What I’ll do next time

Intensify the herb flavors by adding some dry herbs, like herbes de Provence or use more assertive fresh herbs, like rosemary. For variety, use your favorite cheese, like Parmesan. Split and fill with cured meats and bitter greens to make a quick and delicious lunch.
Gougères without cheese toppings are puffier

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