This is a food blog for the food obsessed, myself included. We care about the quality, experience and flavor of the food we eat. More than that, I believe food is nutrient and food is culture. We all have something to say about what tastes good to our palate and the family heirloom recipes we treasure. I do my best to present recipes that are healthful, as well as global (or go anywhere), in nature. Starting with a wholesome pantry, I like to cook from scratch as much as I can. I improvise on select recipes from the best chefs and cookbook authors of all stripes. Then blog about my take and tips on mostly these chef-approved dishes.

My blog is called EverOpenSauce, formerly Flourishen Test Kitchen, because I value the notion of an open platform. EverOpenSauce encourages open exchanges and improvisation in an effort to push the envelope on every plate of food we put out there. Tasty and healthful food is the holy grail. Cooking with an open mind, engaging all our senses, meanwhile having a sense of adventure, converge in this space and on this blog, and further fuel my food obsession.

I love to bake artisan breads from a sourdough starter. Get very excited about a variety of cooking techniques: sous vide eggs, steamed fish in a convection steam oven, vegan meringue cookies from aquafaba or chickpea liquid. There are so much out there. No worry about what to cook next. All and all, I am a food enthusiast and love to share that interest with you through my postings.

“The ability to choose what food we must eat, and knowingly, will make you able to choose other less transitory things with courage and finesse.” ~ M.F. K. Fisher

I like hearing and learning from the community of bloggers, food lovers and health enthusiasts. Send me your comments, questions and suggestions to: Everopensauce(at)gmail(dot)com.

Make a recipe. Tag it #Everopensauce on Instagram and I’ll come by!

~ Shirley from metro New York.



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