Preserved Apricots in Syrup


When there is abundance of fresh summer fruits around more than you can eat and you want to extend the peak-of-the-season fruits beyond the summer months, consider preserving them in a light syrup. The preserved apricots have a concentrated flavor. Incorporate them in a cooked compote or jam, or in your cake batters or galettes, the concentrated flavor of apricots could do wonder in elevating any dish.

Who can resist the sunny look of a jar of these preserved apricots? They look like a snapshot of a summer moment. The bright orange color of the apricots got some help from ascorbic acid, which is the scientific name for vitamin C that keeps vegetables and fruits from discoloration. Preserved apricots in syrup will last up to a year.

They also make beautiful personal gifts. There is no better time to plan ahead than when the sun is golden and the fruits are ripe! I should make a few more jars of these preserved apricots while fresh apricots are still in season.



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