Sourdough crackers

Finding the right recipe to save the unfed sourdough starter (100% hydration, 50/50 all-purpose and whole wheat flour) from the trash bin while relieving the guilt of throwing out usable food sources has been on my to-do list. It has taken me too long. But I finally found this fine recipe for sourdough users on the King Arthur Flour website.

I have also adapted the recipe (in the cheat sheet below) so that other ingredients can be scaled based on how much sourdough starter you intend to use.

Can’t tell which gets me more excited: the successful repurposing of wasted items or the crunchy and tasty crackers. I’d say a little bit of both.

These crackers are so easy to put together and the results are better than I’ve expected. Whenever I test out a new recipe, I can always find something that can be done differently to make it work better. But this recipe is almost perfect.

There are alternatives to considered for the flour and oil used in the recipe. Pastry flour makes for a softer and crunchier bite. Coconut oil makes for a coconut flavored cracker. I highly recommend these substitutions.

Feel free to use other flavorings to your liking. Other herbs, seeds or cheese add a punch to the common crackers. The “21 seasoning salute” from Trader Joe’s found in the forgotten corner of the drawer and one of my favorites: herbes de Provence, have both found good company with these crackers. Have fun customizing the crackers of your choice!

Used round scallop cookie cutter instead
Scale ingredients according to the amount of starter you have on hand




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